What Is Welsh?
Beth ydy Cymraeg?

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As a department we strive to deliver innovative, fun lessons for our pupils where they can develop skills that can be 

transferred across the Curriculum. It is important to us that our pupils see Welsh as a living language that will help to increase their prospects after their time at Cynffig.  

At Key Stage 3:
Cyfnod Allweddol 3

Students will study Welsh for 2 hours a week.


Blwyddyn 7 (Yr 7):


In Year 7 pupils study the following topics:


  • Fi Fy Hun (Myself)

  • Ysgol (School)

  • Hobiau (Hobbies)

  • Rhaglenni Teledu (Television)


Blwyddyn 8 (Yr 8):


In Year 8 pupils study the following topics:


  • Gwyliau (Holidays)

  • Cymru (Wales)

  • Ffrindiau (Friends)

  • Cerddoriaeth (Music)


Blwyddyn 9 (Yr 9):


In Year 9 pupils study the following topics:


  • Siopa (Shopping)

  • Ser Cymru (Welsh Stars)

  • Chwaraeon (Sports)


During the Spring Term pupils start completing

GCSE tasks.


At the beginning of each topic pupils are given their ’Big Pictures’ for that topic outlining clearly what is expected of them.


Pupils have assessment booklets at KS3.  They are assessed in each of the three skills – oracy, reading and writing each term.  Pupils are then encouraged to complete their assessment booklets where they set themselves targets for improvement. They also peer assess their friend’s work. Pupils also use self-assessment and peer assessment during each topic eg Two Stars and a Wish.


Pupils are encouraged to set targets and improve their work using their Learning Skills Ladders.

At Key Stage 4:
Cyfnod Allweddol 4

Students will study Welsh for 2 hours a week.


All pupils will study the Applied GCSE course with the majority gaining a full course qualification. The course is very much based on developing pupils skills which can then be transferred.  Pupils have the opportunity to write CVs, letters, e-mails and memos.  They study the local area, the world of work and the world of media. 


The course assessment criteria is shown below:

SWPERSEREN (Superstar)


We have our own challenge for pupils within the department for them to do their best and to become a Swperseren. Pupils receive stickers with points on them for their planners where they are then entered into a prize draw.

Welsh across the school 
Cymraeg Dros Yr Ysgol

Clwb Cymraeg - Welsh Club 


A Welsh Club is held during the lunch hour where KS3 pupils can come to play games etc and develop their language skills. This is also an opportunity for pupils to catch up on their Moodle homework or to complete tasks if there is no access to the internet at home.  Pupils can also use the Learning Zone n a Wednesday after school for this purpose.


Sesiynau Adolygu - Revision Sessions 


Revision sessions before and after school are available for KS4 pupils who wish to practise for oral or written exams or to catch up on course work.  These are held every week on a Wednesday evening after school.  


Llangrannog & Glan-llyn


An annual trip is held to either the Urdd camp  in Llangrannog or more recently to the Urdd camp in Glan-llyn, North Wales.  Here pupils have the opportunity to take part in activities such as canoeing, kayaking and climbing through the medium of Welsh.  Pupils always thoroughly enjoy the weekend!

Eisteddfod Cynffig / Cyngherdd Yr Eisteddfod


Every year we hold our Eisteddfod at Cynffig for KS3 pupils. The event is very popular with both staff and pupils, as our 5 houses compete to be Ty Y Flwyddyn (House of the Year). The prizes for Y Cadair (The Chair) for the off stage competitions and Y Coron (The Crown) for the on stage competitions are highly contested. Parents and carers then have the opportunity to celebrate Cynffig's Welsh talent with us in our Cyngherdd Yr Eisteddfod which takes place soon after. Find below some pictures from this year's event.

Thema Y Tymor


During form time tutors have the opportunity to develop their Welsh along with their forms with Thema Y Tymor.  Each term a different theme is delivered encouraging new sentence patterns and vocabulary.


Cystadleuthau Dosbarth - Form Competitions/Quizzes 


For special events and occasions we run form competitions where the best entries in each Year Group have the chance to win a prize, these include Nadolig (Christmas), Calon Gaeaf (Haloween), Rygbi etc.


Diwrnod Shwmai /  Twmpath


Every year on October 15 Cynffig takes part in the annual Diwrnod Shwmai where across Wales organisations make an extra effort to say something in Welsh and hold events to celebrate the language.  At Cynffig we have ‘Brecwast Bingo”, ‘Wal Graffiti, ’Gweithgareddau Mr Urdd’, Cymraeg in the canteen and a staff coffee morning where they have to practise their Welsh skills.  The day is ended with a Twmpath (Welsh Dance) in the evening for pupils, parent and staff!

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