What Is Physical Education?

The aim of the Physical Education department is to give every pupil the opportunity to participate in physical activities that will develop their physical literacy as well as their confidence and other essential skills. The pupils will build on previously learned skills throughout the key stage and they will be given the opportunity to work with others as well as working on their own. They will learn about the benefits of being physically active and how it affects their health and wellbeing and hopefully it will lead them to follow a healthy and active lifestyle beyond their time at Cynffig.

At Key Stage 3:

Throughout key stage 3, the pupils will be taught to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of physical education across a range of activities. They will be expected to PLAN, PERFORM and EVALUATE their own and others performances so that improvement can be made.


During Key Stage 3, every pupil will participate in activities from the four Areas of Experience. These are:


  • Competitive Activities e.g. Rugby, Football, Basketball, Netball, Hockey

  • Creative Activities e.g. Gymnastics and Dance

  • Health, Fitness and Well Being activities e.g. different methods of training, fitness testing

  • Adventurous Activities e.g. problem solving activities, teamwork activities.


In each of the activities the focus will be on developing specific skills for the activity and key skills such as communication and improving their own learning.





Assessment takes place on a continual basis. Performances are assessed in every lesson against the assessment criteria on

the pupils learning ladders. The pupils are assessed in the following areas of their performances:


  • Practice and Improve (Acquiring and developing skills)

  • Explore (Selecting and applying skills)

  • Evaluate

  • Choose (Decision making)

  • Show to others (Demonstrate)

At Key Stage 4:

At key stage 4, all students will have Physical Education for one hour a week. The pupils will develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of physical education through health, fitness and wellbeing activities and competitive activities.


GCSE Physical Education is offered in Key Stage 4. The school follows the WJEC specifications. This course is assessed in two units.


Unit 1: Factors affecting exercise, performance, health, wellbeing and lifestyle choices.


This unit is assessed by a written examination and is worth 40% of the overall marks.


Unit 2: Performance in Physical Education


The pupil is assessed in four practical activities. This could be as a performer, leader or official and is worth 60% of the overall marks.


The full course specifications can be seen on the WJEC website.

Outside Lesson-time:

As well as the activities that are covered during curricular time, there will also be many opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. During lunch times there is a programme of activities organised by the 5 x 60 officer and the PE department, and after school there are clubs run by the departmental staff. These clubs will often involve competitive games against other schools.



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