What Is Modern Foreign Language?

Spanish is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world, spoken by almost 400 million people worldwide, which is reason enough to learn the language. But it is even more compelling when you realize that about half of the population in the Western Hemisphere speaks Spanish; the entire continent of South America speaks primarily Spanish (aside from Brazil), as does just about all of Central America, Mexico and Latin America – over 15 countries in total! 


Modern foreign languages play a very important role in society today and Spanish is taught at Key Stage 3 through the medium of modern, communicative and authentic materials. Pupils are encouraged to develop understanding of the spoken and written forms of the language in a range of contexts.


Our aims are:


  • To foster interest and enjoyment in the learning of a foreign language.

  • To encourage understanding and tolerance of other people’s cultures.

  • To introduce an international dimension to a pupil’s education.

  • To develop Interactive ICT to enhance pupil’s learning.

  • To raise awareness of pupil’s achievement and to encourage more pupil involvement in setting targets for improvement.


In Spanish, students will, develop communication skills in Spanish which build on and support their literacy and oracy skills in English and Welsh. Learners develop skills in oracy, reading and writing in Spanish and communicate with increasing confidence and independence.

At Key Stage 3:


Yr 7:


  • Personal details –name, where you live, age, birthday & numbers.

  • School – subjects you study, skills used in lessons, describe your teachers, opinions of subjects & what you do during

       break and lunch.

  • Family – how many brothers & sisters you have, their names & ages, to give details about other members of your family,

       say what pets you have and describe them.


Yr 8:


  • Descriptions – To give physical and personal descriptions of yourself and others.

  • Free time – To state what you do in your spare time, the time, give opinions on your free time activities, sports & your

       future plans.

  • Town & region - Describe your town; what it’s like and what is in your town, make arrangements to go out, the weather & linking the free time activities & town.


Yr 9:


  • Daily routine – describe what you do daily & at what time.

  • Nationalities.

  • Future plans – give details about what you are doing on the weekend & during the holidays, inviting a friend to go out & give reasons to accept or decline invitation.

  • Holidays – describe your holiday in the past, as well as linking your future holiday plans.

  • Food & drink – what you eat at different meal times, buying food in a shop, ordering food in a restaurant, describing a special meal in the past & what you like to eat and drink.


At the end of each module of work pupils are assessed in two skills, alternating a Listening & Writing assessment with a Reading & Speaking assessment.

At Key Stage 4:

WJEC GCSE Spanish is offered as an option. 

Outside Lesson-time:

TRANSITION – Pupils in Year 6 in our Primary feeder schools are all taught a six week programme of Spanish lessons by Mrs Edwards which prepares the pupils to acquire a new language.


TRIP – Pupils are offered the opportunity to experience the culture and practice their knowledge of Spanish on a visit to Spain. It has proven to be very rewarding and has provided the pupils with a real opportunity to use their language skills.


EUROPEAN DAY OF LANGUAGES – Annually on the 26th September we organise events to celebrate the European Day of Languages within the school.


TAPAS TASTING – In Year 10 pupils study food & drink in Spain and are given the opportunity to prepare, cook and taste Tapas typically served in Spain.


PUPIL LANGUAGE AMBASSADORS - represent different activities, festivals and customs to promote languages in our school.


SPANISH CLUB - hosted by Year 10 and 11 pupils, who arrange fun activities and games at lunchtime.


PENPALS - we are currently setting up a link with a Spanish school. 

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