What Is Health & Social Care?

Through health and social care pupils can become more aware of the health and social care sector. They become more aware of growth and development and factors that can affect our development and the relationships we have with others.


In Health and Social Care, students will:


  • Understand personal development

  • Investigate a range of services in the sector

  • Expand their knowledge and understanding of the health and social care sector

  • Become effective and independent learners

  • Develop research, evaluation and problem solving skills that will enable them to make an effective contribution to the care sector

  • Work individually and with others 

At Key Stage 4:

Pupils research an individual for their controlled assessment task and look into the services this person uses including; how to obtain access to the service, barriers to using this service, the roles and skills of the people who provide the service and issues relating to the quality of the service.


Pupils also sit an external exam and the content of this covers; human growth and development, the factors affecting growth and development, the development of self-concept, life changes and sources of support. 




At Key Stage 5:

In year 12 pupils submit one piece of coursework; promoting good health. This looks at models of health and factors affecting  health; the roles of 

practitioners and preventative measures used by them and techniques used in health promotion.


In year 12 pupils also sit an external exam based on: factors affecting the quality of life of individuals; Principles of care; Caring skills and techniques; Communication; Barriers to communication and quality care and rights and responsibilities of

providers and individuals.


In year 13 students complete two coursework units, one of which is optional. The mandatory unit; Provision of Health, Social Care and Children's Service, consists of studying the following: Service provision in the local area; Meeting individual needs; Practitioner roles within multi-disciplinary teams; Quality assurance procedures and effects of national policy and legislation on service provision

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