What Is Geography?

Is Geography a good choice in terms of getting a job?


The skills you use in your geographical studies make you of potential interest to a wide range of employers.


Statistics show that compared with other subjects, geographers are among the most employable.


Geography is the study of the earth’s landscapes, peoples, places and environments. It is, quite simply, about the world that we live in.

At Key Stage 3:

Yr 7:


  • Map Skills

  • Direction

  • Using scale on a map

  • Using symbols on a map

  • Grid referencing

  • Compass Points

  • Showing height on a map

  • Population

  • Population density of The UK

  • What is migration?

  • Why do people migrate?

  • The population of The UK

  • Why do people migrate to The UK?

  • What are the effects of migration?

  • The local school, Pyle and Kenfig Hill  environment – fieldwork investigation

  • Settlements and retailing change

  • Geography in the News


Yr 8:


  • Climate change

  • Tropical rainforests

  • Water pollution

  • Coasts

  • Antarctica

  • The race to The South Pole

  • Why is Antarctica so cold?

  • What animals live in Antarctica?

  • How have animals adapted to living in Antarctica?

  • What threats are there to The Antarctic ecosystem?

  • Should we protect The Antarctic ecosystem?

  • Geography in the News


Yr 9:


  • Volcanoes and earthquakes

  • Development and Globalisation

  • Tourism

  • Rivers

  • Geography in the News


Students in KS3 will complete three learning ladder levelled assessments each year.


You can monitor your child's progress by looking at their learning ladder which should be stuck in their geography book.

At Key Stage 4:

GCSE WJEC Specification A


Topics Covered



Year 10




  • Development



  • Population



  • Globalisation



  • Volcanoes and earthquakes



  • Rivers

  • Climate Change


Here are some photos of the Fieldwork taking place:


Year 11


  • Coasts

  • Retail & Urban Change

  • Tourism

  • Decision Making Controlled Assessment

  • Fieldwork Controlled Assessment


Students in KS4 will complete a practice test question at the end of each topic.  

Outside Lesson-time:

There are revision clubs for exam classes in order to help you improve your learning and reach your full potential. Fieldwork – that is, learning directly in the real world outside the classroom – is an essential component of geography education. There is no substitute for ‘real-world’ learning so there are fieldtrips to areas such as Swansea, the Gower, Cardiff and Bristol.

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