What Is Business Studies?

Business Studies is a dynamic course which prepares students for the challenges of adult life by introducing them to the world of business. Whether pupils want to be an entrepreneur, a successful employee, or a top manager for a thriving company, or just want an insight into how local businesses work; business studies gives a powerful start to launch into a career in business. Pupils studying business will not only gain knowledge and business acumen, but will also experience lessons based on business concepts, with professionalism, independence and productivity as our driving forces.


The course emphasises the ever-changing nature of business, the challenge and creativity of enterprise and the reliance of businesses on good communication between departments. Taught via the BTEC route, Business Studies is practical, applied and exciting. It equips pupils with many life skills including our departmental skills of communication, and working with others. Whether your aim is to pursue an academic career, train for a profession or become an entrepreneur, the necessary knowledge and skills will be provided in a supportive working environment run with high expectations.


Business activity is all around us, and Business Studies as a subject is relevant to many career areas. For example, it is applicable to: Economics, Finance, Accountancy, Human Resource Management, Production, Marketing, Law, Linguistics, Retail Management, Tourism and Leisure, Hospitality and Event Management, Journalism, Politics and Governmen,t and Industry.


As a department we aim to:


  • Maintain / stimulate pupil curiosity, interest, enthusiasm and enjoyment in Business Studies.

  • Inspire pupils to make use of relevant terminology, concepts and business ideas while improving literacy and numeracy skills.

  • Enable pupils to see Business Studies in the context of a wider body of knowledge and skills.

  • Provide opportunity for pupils to use and understand investigative methods.

  • Develop, in pupils, a range of desirable personal qualities in preparation for the world of work; such as politeness, perseverance, punctuality, presentation, initiative and independence.

  • Encourage pupils to work both independently and as part of a team.

  • Employ teaching methods and resources that allow all pupils (irrespective of their gender, ethnic origin, academic ability, etc.) to have equal access to Business Studies and to experience success and enjoyment in their Business Studies work.


Business Studies is taught at Key Stage 4 and at Key Stage 5. 

At Key Stage 4:




In KS4, pupils complete a BTEC Level 2 Certificate. Pupils are allocated 5 learning hours per fortnight over a two year period,

where they will complete 3 units of work. This is equivalent to 1 GCSE grade A*-C. There is scope for more able and talented pupils to complete the BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate which iconsists of 6 units of work. This is then equivalent to 2 GCSE grades A*-C.


Units of work cover topics such as Human Resources, Financial Forecasting, Business departments, and the Role of Government and Marketing. All units are based on work place scenarios and actual business problem solving techniques. 

At Key Stage 5:

There is a direct progression route within the school from the Level 2 provision, to Level 3.


In KS5 the Level 3 course is run over two academic years. Pupils complete the BTEC Level 3 Advanced Subsidiary Diploma. They cover 6 units of work over the two year and the diploma is then equivalent to 1 A level. Units of work cover topics such as the Role of Government, Businesses in different countries, Business Resources, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and Budgeting. Pupils are set tasks as if they were in employment with strict deadlines and actual business acumen is required. All documents must be produced professionally using appropriate business terminology. All tasks require investigation into actual businesses, and pupils can opt to research businesses they have an interest in. 


The Business Studies Department is fortunate in that we can offer a Level 2 provision for those pupils that may need an extra year to progress onto Level 3 courses. Pupils can study the BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate (equivalent to 2 GCSE's). Pupils are allocated 9 learning hours per fortnight and complete 6 units of work. Units of work cover topics such as Human Resources, Financial Forecasting, Business departments, Role of Government and Marketing. All units are based on work place scenarios and actual business problem solving techniques. This course is run over 1 academic year alongside the BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate in Sport.


The department’s procedure for assessment, recording and reporting fits in with the school’s policy and the requirements of external accreditation. All courses delivered are accredited by an examination body (Edexcel), who lay down basic criteria for assessment. Much of the assessment is formative and diagnostic, used to measure achievement and to plan future individual work. At both Level 2 and 3, courses are 100% assignment based.


At KS4 pupils can achieve a Pass (equivalent to a C grade at GCSE), a Merit (equivalent to a B grade at GCSE) or a Distinction/Distinction* (equivalent to a A/A* grade at GCSE).


At KS5 pupils can achieve a Pass (equivalent to an E grade at A Level), a Merit (equivalent to a C grade at A level) or a Distinction/Distinction* (equivalent to a A/A* grade at A Level).

Outside Lesson-time:

The department offers an open door policy; pupils are encouraged to use their free time to complete units of work.


We offer a BTEC catch up club every Wednesday after school.


Throughout the year there are opportunities for pupils to interview local business owners, and they are also encouraged to visit local businesses to gather evidence for their assignments. 


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